St Paddy’s Pub Marathon in Rome
Friday, March 16th, 2018

We did this in 2008 for the very first time and we had over 500 people who joined us then – quite historical indeed. We did it the year after and we had about 300 followers… It is time to make some history again!
St Patrick’s Day Rome

St Patrick’s Day in Rome: what’s the craic?


 If you don’t feel like moving from bar to bar you might as well just hang out at the Highlander and collect all your vouchers for the PUB MARATHON there – 6 pints a the Highlander will secure your name to be in the lottery hat… And on the 4th one you will be getting  that super Special St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt!

KISS ME t-shirt

Joining the event is only 25 Euro which will automatically entitle you to our special edition St. Paddy’s Day T-shirt and 2 pints or drinks of choice at the Highlander. Collecting 4 more vouchers will give you access to the lottery for the trip to Dublin that will take place at the Highlander between 11 pm and midnight.

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Clubbing is planned for all of you who want to switch it to the Roman Freaky Friday Action after midnight. Certainly, you will need to be in proper shape for that level after you’ve committed to pub marathon exercise.

How does all of this sound to you? Are you ready for the challenge? Time to make some history again!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


The action kicks off at midday from the Highlander Pub. We have lined up 10 more bars and a club for the ultimate challenge. All of you who collect at least 6 vouchers (with minimum 2 at the Highlander) will get the chance to win a weekend trip for two to Dublin!

How it works: It’s a marathon… a little pub marathon. Have you done it before? Yes, you probably have. If not, there is always the first time. You are not obliged to cover all the pit stops here and you can take it easy. Flexibility is the main point here and the principle “hop on – hop off” is totally allowed.

The Highlander pub will be the starting and the finishing point of this pub marathon. We will have a departure on every hour starting at midday until 5 pm.  Those of you who come after 1 pm will be escorted to the spot where the major group of the “marathon” runners will be where you will be able to catch up. For every drink or pint you consume you will be given a voucher. You need to collect 6 total to be eligible for the trip to Dublin!

How to find us?


If you have any questions please feel free to drop by our office, email or phone us!

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Check out how we did it last year:

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