Roman Halloween: A History of Horrors

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Ghost Tour


20 Euro to join 
 The tour meets at 9pm at Ponte Fabricio – entrance to Isola Tiberina
1.5 – 2 hours duration
Join our four ghostly guides for this ultimate Halloween experience


Come and relive the horrific history of the Eternal City as we take you on a journey through the Rome’s gruesome past. Medieval, lawless alleyways and bridges have born silent witness to millennia of murder, betrayal and intrigue. Ghostly figures from Rome’s turbulent past take you through the most hair-raising stories. See the exact site where Julius Caesar was assassinated due to his limitless ambition. Walk with us along the Tiber river where criminals were hung from bridges, Roman politicians were purged from the city by being thrown in, and even the Pope himself was at one stage cast adrift.



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Ghost Tour

Itinerary Covers:


Isola Tiberina, Ponte Fabricio – the oldest bridge in Rome

Theatre of Marcellus – with a view of the Capitoline Hill

Largo Argentina – the Theatre of Pompey

Campo dei Fiori – site of hangings and heretics burnt at the stake

Palazzo Farnese – “The most imposing Italian Palace of 16th century”, partially redesigned by Michelangelo

Via Giulia – one of the most enchanting streets in Rome

Castel Sant’Angelo – Papal palace, fortress, dungeon and torture chamber

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