Uber in Rome

Uber works in the Eternal City. Just in case you were wondering. It is quite efficient and it is the ultimate way to move around Rome if you have to cover longer distances, especially at night. Unfortunately public transportation in the Italian capital is not very reliable and often it is rather frustrating if you need to count on it. So, here comes the alternative – taxis or uber!

The rates of the taxis and the uber cars are more or less the same. Sometimes Uber is even cheaper, maybe when you use it for longer courses! Uber will be your best choice for a number of reasons though. The drivers or the companies that apply to the Uber network in Rome need to be NCC (noleggio con conducente) licensed. This automatically brings you to the next level. Your Uber cab will be a black Mercedes Benz limo which is nothing but exclusive. If you have a larger group of people – up to 8 – you can get the Mercedes Benz Van and you will be saving money already. Uber fans and customers know how easy it is – no cash exchange between drivers and the users of the service, everything gets drafted from your paypal account. All you need to do is download the Uber app on your smartphone and take advantage!

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