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Ladies and Gents,

This 2020 our Australia Day festivities will be labelled with a little initiative, a humble effort regarding the ongoing bushfires that have caused a massive natural disaster in the Land Down Under. Plenty of humans have lost their lives already. Large territories have turned into ashes. Species are threatened to disappear… We are under no illusion that we can make any major impact on stopping those fires or saving the world, but we have decided to join the bushfire awareness campaigns and send a little help to all of those who are urgently in need down there.

We are about to print our special edition “AUSTRALIA – Protect Australian Wildlife” t-shirt. Those will be available in the package of our annual Australia Day party coming up on Sunday, January 26th – or maybe the t-shirts themselves available even sooner at our bar. All of you who purchase the package or only buy the t-shirt will become contributors in the campaign and to the little fund we are raising for this cause. For every purchase you make 5 Euro will be directed to the Community Enterprise Foundation in Australia:

All the money we manage to collect by the end of the month will be transferred to the fund.

What’s the deal?

Happy ‘Straya Day everyone! We have always pulled big parties for all the Aussies who happen to be in Rome on January 26th and we won’t be missing the occasion this time around either! Everyone is invited though – don’t worry if you are not originally from Australia – we are all joining the cause and we are all from the Land Down Under on Australia Day!

The Highlander opens up at 11am and our smashing Aussie Day offers will be launched as soon as we open doors. All of you who come down to the bar for a few drinks can count on FREE VEGEMITE sandwiches – those will be served all day and all night until we close.

All of you who buy bottled beers will contribute to our cause “Protect Australian Wildlife” – every bottle bought generates 1 Euro for the fund and will be transferred to the Community Enterprise Foundation the following day.

Our special edition “Protect Australian Wildlife” t-shirt is available to purchase at 20 Euro – 5 Euro of which goes towards the fund.



It is €30 per person to join us and it includes our Happy Happy Hour / Open Bar and all you can eat pizza between 10pm and 11pm, drinking games after the end of the open bar and a bar on road and free entry into the biggest club on Sunday night in downtown Rome! 

The open bar package includes a t-shirt as well – the special edition Australia – Protect Australian Wildlife t-shirt will be given out until we run out of stock (it is only a limited edition) otherwise you will receive a voucher and you will be able to collect from our office any day after the party.


Running Late?

You can still join us after the end of the Happy Hour Open Bar for only €20 which includes a drink of choice at the Highlander pub and the admission to all the other bars or dance bars/clubs we cover! 

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