What’s the deal?

The celebrations will kick off with a traditional Open Bar/Happy Hour at the Highlander Pub and you will enjoy unlimited mixed drinks, beer and wine from 10pm until 11pm!

We have lined up a heavy party session that will end up in the best OPEN AIR CLUB in downtown Rome!

The package of 25 Euros includes as well Roman pizza buffet and our limited edition t-shirt!

If you happen to skip the Happy Hour but you would like to access the party you can do it for only 20 Euro which will secure you a drink of choice and that awesome t-shirt!

Bear in mind that drinking games and Beer Pong tournament will be taking place through the party session!

Our staff will be at the bottom of the Spanish Steps from 9:30pm until 10pm. Reservations are indeed strongly recommended!

Running late?

 Get involved for only 15 Euros!

 Receive a drink of choice at the Highlander pub

 Drinking games & body shots

 FREE entry to the Open Air Club in downtown Rome!


The Happy Hour/OPEN BAR Starts at 10pm at the Highlander Pub and goes for 1 hour until 11pm!

Unlimited mixed drinks, beer, wine & Roman pizza buffet

 Drinking games & body shots

 Beer Pong Tournament

FREE entry to the Open Air Club and our limited edition t-shirt!

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