Super Bowl Bash 2019 hosted by the Highlander Pub Rome

Our favourite sports appointment on the calendar is finally here. This upcoming Sunday, February 4th we will be hosting our annual Super Bowl Bash!

Due to the coincidence with the 6 Nations rugby match between Italy and England at Olimpico and all the English rugby fans expressing interest in the Super Bowl game, we have decided to not take any reservations for seats.

We will be strictly working on the principle “first comes, first served”. Bear in mind though, that we will be collaborating with a bar a couple of minutes walk from our establishment where we will be hosting a paralel Super Bowl Bash. This makes us flexible enough to double it up.

The Bash

This party event is hosted by The Highlander Pub. For the past 7 years our bar has been the arena of Rome’s most ultimate and detailed coverage of the American Football and especially NFL. The Super Bowl Bash has definitely been the highlight of those.

Although things are going to be hectic at the bar we will be hosting our HAPPY HOUR/OPEN BAR from 10 to 11pm. The special edition Super Bowl LII t-shirt will be given to all of you who sign up for our Sunday bash. The super bowl t-shirt can be claimed if you score 4 of our pints as well. The offer goes until we run out of inventory.

Limited space on the OPEN BAR – only 50 people can access it. The package of the HAPPY HOUR/OPEN BAR + PIZZA BUFFET + SUPER BOWL T-SHIRT is at 25 Euro.

Beer Pong

Keep in mind that we will be running our traditional BEER PONG TOURNAMENT – SUPER BOWL EDITION. The spots are limited – we will have a total of 16 teams (32 players) that will be playing on the principle of direct elimination – so respectively we will have a round of 16, quarter finals, semi finals, and a grand final! The winning team will be winning our special edition Beer Pong Champion t-shirts. Particiapion in the tournament is FREE of charge – the teams just need to provide their own beer to play! Every round is played with 6 cups on each side. The beer pong tournament will be launched shortly after 10 pm and will be concluded before the start of the Super Bowl game!

To secure your spots for the beer pong tournment in case you are eager about it please email us at [email protected] Once you book just make sure you get to the Highlander at latest by 9 pm.

IMPORTANT: We will be working on first come – first served basis. Make sure you get as early as possible to guarantee yourself a seat!

Meeting Point

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