Are you Mexican or Mexican’t?

Cinco de Mayo in Rome

Here is one of our favourite days and best excuses to party! The most ultimate Freaky Friday for 2017 – 5th of May aka Cinco de Mayo this year happens to be on the first day of the weekend – that simply means PAAARTYYY! We are spicing it up in the most Mexican way possible…

Highlander Pub will be in middle of all the action as usual… It will be open from 4 pm for those of you who will be impatient to join the festivities! I guess that if you go there early you will be looking for some lunch as well. Certainly, we will be fitting  the theme and apart from the usual pub food that you can find there you will be able to enjoy our special edition Tex Mex Menu. So, yeah – come and try our burritos, tacos and nachos – those will be available through the whole day. 

Foodwise you will be covered and then you might as well switch to drinking. All kinds of Mexican Drink Specials will be on!

5 de Mayo Deals

Tequila Shot = €2
Corona + Tequila Shot = €5 
Tequla Shot =  €2
Margaritas & Mojitos at 6 Euro each
Glass of Sangria= €5


Cinco de Mayo in Rome

All of you who show up with any traditional Mexican Item are getting a bonus shot of tequila with their first drink! 

Cinco de Mayo in Rome


At 10 pm we will be launching the Happy Hour/Open Bar at the Highlander! The package includes
UNLIMITED beer, wine, tall drinks and Roman pizza buffet during the Happy Hour! Drinking games will follow to warm us up for our final destination – a fancy club in downtown Rome

 OPEN BAR Tickets cost only €20! Bring you student ID’s and get €5 DISCOUNT!

 Is it Your BDAY? You get in for FREE!

How to find us?

 The Highlander Pub – located in Vicolo di San Biagio 9 (about 6 – 7 minutes walk from The Spanish Steps – Metro Stop “Spagna” Line A).  


The highlights from our 2016 Cinco de Mayo Bash!



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