Free Walking Tour

The free tour aims to show you a rich core of Roman history, an introduction to Christianity and its origins in Rome, as well as the usual funny stories, places to eat, sites to visit, and some essential nightlife recommendations.


Bike Tour

Explore a unique historical park by bike – a perfect getaway from the hectic city center. Visit the first Christian cemeteries, cycle along the first paved road in the world and see the ancient aqueducts at their most intact sections.


Night Tour

You will learn about the urban development of the historical centre dating back from Antiquity, going through to Medieval, culminating with Renaissance, Baroque, Eclecticism and concluding with upgrades from more modern times.

Rome’s Ultimate Party aka The Spanish Steps Pub Crawl is the best nightlife option in Rome. Check out our weekly schedule and join us for an unforgettable night in the Eternal city!

Depending on the season or the annual calendar we organize various events in Rome!

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Free walks, bike tours, night tours and exclusive parties in Rome! Connecting the visitors and the locals with the most precious things to do in the Eternal City!

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