We love theme parties, dressing up, meeting new people and sharing videos and photos! We host 4th of July, Toga Parties, Halloween, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day just to name a few!

Follow the links below to find out more information. If you have any questions, please  send us an email


Midsummer Toga Party

Join the annual festivities in ancient Roman fashion on Saturday, August 15th 2020. One party that is nothing else but really off the hook!


Canada Day 2020

This one is a party we have never and we cannot simply skip. Canada Day has always been a hit on our annual calendar. No idea how many Canadians will be in town to make it more real but the excuse is right there. And we can only BLAME CANADA for this.


IndepenDANCE Day 2020

The day of the year and the US dollar equals the Euro. That’s what’s up. At least that’s the deal at the Highlander. It’s still a smashing offer if you have those bucks – according to the current exchange rate it is at least a 10% off for anything you order at the Highlander if you are paying with those “benjamins”.


Halloween in Rome

Join the most ulitmate Halloween Party in Rome – starting at  10pm at the Highlander Pub and concluding at one of the most happening clubs in town! …


Thanksgiving in Rome

The Highlander Pub is one of the very few places in Rome that will be hosting a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. The dinner will be served from 6:30pm to 8pm …


Cinco de Mayo in Rome

Cinco de Mayo this year happens to be on the first day of the weekend – that simply means PAAARTYYY! We are spicing it up in the most Mexican way possible …


Mardi Gras in Rome

The year started scrolling down and we are right about to hit another one of our favourite annual parties – Mardi Gras!


St Patrick’s Day in Rome

The action kicks off at midday from the Highlander Pub. We have lined up 10 more bars and a club for the ultimate challenge …


Easter in Rome

Are you wandering where to party on Easter in Rome? We have some special events planned to bring in the festive period and those of you who will be in town …

Christmas in Rome

Christmas in Rome

We are already quite close to the end of the year and that is a period of intense partying! This year, we will certainly be sticking to the tradition, and have some special events …


New Year’s Eve in Rome

Rome’s Ultimate New Year party is back with a bang! Come and kick your night off with an Italian-style celebrations spiced up by one hour of UNLIMITED drinks at our open bar …


Australia Day in Rome

Happy ‘Straya Day everyone! We have always pulled big parties for all the Aussies who happen to be in Rome on January 26th! This one is a little more special though, and relates to the natural disasters in Down Under..

SuperBowlLII (114)

Super Bowl Bash

This party event is hosted by The Highlander Pub. For the past 10 years our bar has been the arena of Rome’s most ultimate and detailed coverage of the American Football and especially NFL …


St Valentine’s Traffic Light Party

The Highlander will be hosting a Valentine’s Day Traffic Light Party. Bring your other half if you’re taken, or if you’re single and ready to mingle, this is the Valentine’s party for you!

Ferragosto Toga Party - August 15th 2020 - When in Rome do as the romans did!

Your ultimate toga adventure fully on! Book your spots upfront to seal the early bird deal and our little VIP treatment ! Show up in your own toga save 5 euro!

Rome's Ultimate