Halloween Havoc 2018

  lets party

The Flintstones coming back with a vengeance… And not only. Cavemen and cavewomen everywhere… Let’s reenact that major performace from the Stone Age. Join our ultimate prehistoric night on Wednesday, October 31st.

All of you dressed up – that’s how we want you… To make this one a hell of party! Easy task to improvise a costume – even togas fit the theme. No strict dress code though – any costume is welcome!

Power Hour/Open Bar is from 10 to 11pm – unlimited witches brew (sangria), beer and mixed drinks for one hour…

Those frightful drinking games and bloody body shots will follow.

Party will be moving to a couple of bars downtown after midnight… Just in case you want to scare some locals who don’t expect anything.

Time to show some skills! Early birds who book the Open Bar upfront receive our special edition t-shirt!

Power Hour/Open Bar for only 25 Euro:

book now

Open Bar – all the witches brew beer & mixed drinks from you can drink from 10pm to 11pm

 Roman pizza buffet – just to fuel up

 Drinking games & body shots

Grand Prizes for best costumes

Free entry into a club/dance pub after midnight

Our special edition souvenir t-shirt

 Meet us at the bottom of the Spanish Steps (Metro A Spagna) from 9:30pm till 10pm or directly at the Highlander Pub

Running late? You can still join the havoc at the Highlander until midnight:

Joining us after the end of the open bar is only 15 Euro including a drink of choice and the access to all the other venues in Rome we invade on the night of Halloween

Meeting Point

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