Ancient Rome Night Tours


You will learn about the urban development of the historical centre dating back from Antiquity, going through Medieval, culminating with Renaissance, Baroque, Eclecticism and modern day additions.

About This Tour

We have mapped a unique stroll through some of the most splendid piazzas of the Eternal City. Departing from the oldest residential area of Rome – Rione Monti – we will guide you to the majestic Piazza Quirinale; the seat of the Roman elite throughout the ages. We then continue to Trajan’s Forum – the site of the world’s first shopping mall.

We then go on to see the best of the Renaissance; Michelangelo’s design of the glorious Piazza Campidoglio. Nearby, we find the Medieval Palazzo Venezia – the central hub of Rome – facing the Unification Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II. We conclude our Ultimate Night Walk at the famous Piazza Colonna, the seat of the government of Italy.

We wind down by offering you a complimentary drink at the nearby Highlander Pub. In a couple of hours you will become acquainted with some of the most incredible institutional palaces, buildings, fountains and monuments of Rome.


  • Rione Monti
  • Piazza Quirinale
  • Trajan’s Market, Forum & Column
  • Capitoline Hill
  • Piazza Venezia & the monument of Vittorio Emanuele
  • Collegio Romano
  • Piazza Sant’Ignazio
  • Piazza di Pietra / Temple of Hadrian
  • Piazza Colonna

Tour Details

The tours are available by booking online at least 2 hours prior to start time.

  • 50 Euro ( 40  Euro's for under 14's)
  • The tour meets at 7pm at via Dei Serpenti 89, near the Colosseum
  • 2.5 hours duration
  • We end the tour in the historic center of Rome with a complimentary nightcap / a glass of wine or a cocktail

Meeting Spot

The tour meets at 7 pm at via Dei Serpenti 89, near the Colosseum