Rome Bike Tour

From: 40,00

Explore a unique historical park by bike – a perfect getaway from the hectic city center. Visit the first Christian cemeteries, cycle along the first paved road in the world and see the ancient aqueducts at their most intact sections. This tour also covers the Aurelian Walls, the Gate of San Sebastian and the Baths of Caracalla.

An afternoon in the Jewish Ghetto and surroundings. Rome’s Ultimate will take you through three thousand years of Jewish history in Rome.

The tour looks at the role of Judaism in Roman society from ancient until modern times.

You will visit the areas in which the Jews lived, as well as their places of worship and work. Learn how the Holy Inquisition made them second hand citizens, their relationship with the church. From its origins as the world’s second oldest ghetto, to the second world war, and post war. You will see an area which is not so well known and off the beaten track. The Jewish Quarter has had an enormous impact on both the city of Rome and Jewish society throughout the world.

Tour Details

The tours are available by booking online at least 2 hours prior to start time.

From 40 Euro

The tour Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm at the entrance of Teatro Marcello. 2-2.5 hours duration

Should you wish to join an Italian Aperitivo afterwards this comes with an optional cost of +10 euro.

Itinerary Covers:

  • Teatro Marcello
  • Portico di Ottavia
  • Sant’Angelo in Pesceria
  • San Gregorio della Pietà
  • The Synagogue
  • Fontana del Pianto
  • Piazza delle 5 Scole
  • Fontana delle Tartarughe
  • Campo de’ Fiori


Meeting Point

Via Dei Serpenti 89, Roma