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TONIGHT : Monday Night Insomnia – barhopping & Clubbing

Monday Insomnia

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Starting from €15 with 1 drink of choice
Happy Hour/Open Bar at €25
Roman Pizza buffet
Mixed drinks with Red Bull
Drinking games
Clubbing in one of the best open air clubs in Rome!

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Wednesday, July 1st 2015
 Canada Day 2015 in Rome



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 Whole night dedicated to everything Canadian

 Happy Hour/Open Bar  from 10 pm to 11 pm

Bar on the road with a welcome shot at the door

Admission into an exclusive open air club 

Limited edition party t-shirt

 Book now  and get a bonus shot of choice at The Highlander Pub and a souvenir t-shirt!

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Are you AmeriCan or AmeriCAN’t…?

All you can eat BBQ from 18:30 until 20:30
Beerpong Tournament, Foosball Tournament, Rodeo Challenge
 Open Bar from 10pm until 11pm @ Highlander Pub
Clubbing at  one of the most exclusive  summer venues in Rome

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Rome's Ultimate Party

starting at 10pm nightly!

Rome's Ultimate Picks

Places to see and day trips

Rome's Ultimate Food Joints

Top places to Eat in Rome


Starting from 20€

One Hour of Open Bar/Happy Hour
Welcome Shot
Roman Pizza Buffet
Souvenir T-shirt
Ultimate Clubbing

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Romes Ultimate